We run a number of initiatives to raise revenue to support the continuity of our charity projects. 

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Kabubbu Resort

Maize Mill


We run a number of initiatives to raise revenue to support the continuity of our charity projects.

1. Kabubbu Resort

Kabubbu resort centre is a social enterprise established to generate income for KDP. It offers high standard accommodation and professional services. Guests stay in thatched cottages or “bandas” – set in a tranquil, neat garden. A bar and restaurant staffed by a team of internationally-trained chefs are in place. The resort offers a wide range of cuisines including international cuisines and has facilities for conferences, meetings, retreats, etc. We also organize tours to different tour site i.e. Queen Elizabeth Park, Murchison falls, Jinja source of the Nile etc.

2. Maize Mill

Maize is a very important cereal in Uganda and has increasingly become a staple food in many parts of the country. KDP realised a business opportunity to venture out through value addition if the crop is milled into posho and hence, established a maize mill. KDP buys maize from the community people and mills it into posho that is packaged and sold to outside consumers and some distributed to the community beneficiaries in line with the vision of the project.

Furthermore, the project uses the bi-products from the maize mill business to produce animal feeds that will enhance productivity in the animals being reared as well as generate revenue for the project. The income realised is invested into the charity activities.

3. AgriBusiness

Agriculture is a core sector of Uganda’s economy and continues to be the largest employer. Over 80% of the population most of whom are women, are employed in the sector and contribute about 75% of agricultural production. This creates a platform for investment opportunities in agribusiness. Agribusiness is the coordination of all activities that contribute to the production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing and development of agricultural commodities and resources. On the other hand, agribusiness marketing may refer to a series of services involved in moving the product from a point of production to a point of consumption. As KDP we are privileged to engage in both agribusiness and agribusiness marketing as a way of boosting the project’s income to enable us serve the community better. As part of the IGAs, we engage in poultry, piggery, forestry and crop husbandry.

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