Kayanja Livingstone

My dream was to be a journalist and this is how it was made possible…

2017 VOC Livingstone Kayanja KAB239 (Kenward) 2

How i got Introduced to Kabubbu

I got  introduced to kabubbu development project in 2002 at this time we stayed in manyangwa located 4km away from kabubbu with my grandmother who was a farmer.

One morning she returned home from the farm excited and happy she then told me that she had been informed about an education opportunity for me by her friends that involved free education sponsorship and it was through kabubbu development project.

My admission

 I was then instructed to dress up so that we can go and pursue this opportunity which I did in an instant on reaching kabubbu development project head offices all children including me were interviewed. A few days later we were called and informed to check on the list which had been placed at kabubbu development project.

On checking I was so excited and happy that my name had been listed among those that had passed the interview and had been successful enrolled for primary education in kabubbu community nursery and primary school

I was then handed School uniform, books, pens, and reading material being Informed at the same time to report to school the following morning this was where I studied my primary education up to primary 7 in 2008

I Joined
Trust High School

I then joined trust high school in 2009 where i continued my education from senior 1 and completed senior 6 in 2014 still funded by kabubbu development project

Ndejje University

In 2015 I joined Ndejje University where I studied a three year course in journalism and Mass Communication.

During this time I was given a laptop by Kabubbu development project as a tool to help me in my studies this laptop on top of the funding enabled me to graduate with a degree in journalism and mass communication

And I am now
a journalist

When I graduated I got a job at Maama FM radio station as a news editor and I was earning salary. This enabled me to help my grandmother to acquire necessities including sugar, soap, food.

Journalism enabled me to grow my social network where I made a lot of friends in various parts of the country.

This social network enabled me to grow professionally and mentally in terms of financial planning due to advice.
It has also enabled me fend for myself where I can pay for my bills , subscriptions and acquire basic needs.

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