Henry Mugisha

My dream was to be a
Laboratory Technician and this is how it was made possible…


Before joining Kabubbu Development project

My mother and I stayed in Kabubbu vilIage by the time I was introduced to Kabubbu Development Project in 2000.

During this time they had held door to door visits from which they made assessments for families and children in need of financial aid.

My introduction to Kabubbu!

One morning as I was out playing with my friends they got to our home, interviewed my mother who was a single mother me being the first born kabubbu development project decided to take it upon themselves to educate me as a way to support my family

I was given uniform and scholastic materials to help me in my education and informed to report to kabubbu primary school the following day.

It was here that I studied my nursery to primary seven in 2010

Primary 7

Joining Trust High School After two years!

I after joined Trust High School in 2011 senior one and studied until my senior six in 2016

I Joined a Medicare Health college.

In 2017 I joined Medicare health professional college where I studied Medical Laboratory Technology.
Unfortunately due to COVID-19 schools were closed and education was halted.

Onto  re-opening I managed to graduate in 2021 and now I am a Laboratory Technician.

My employment at Kabubbu Health Center IV.

After graduation I got a job In Kabubbu Health Center IV that has helped me grow my passion for knowing about the human body.

It has enabled me support my family where I pay school fees for my siblings.

I bought land where I now have a farm and started a piggery business and another farm for my mother .

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