Budala Katongole

My dream was to be an accountant and this is how it was made possible…


My Life before
joining Kabubbu!

Before I met Kabubbu Development Project I was studying in Nambogo Memorial Primary School located in Kira town. It was unfortunate that I had to stop schooling in November of the same year due to insufficiency of funds to pay school fees.

For two years I didn’t school and would set off at midnight to ride my bicycle from Kabubbu to Kireka where I would sell greens as a way to generate income.

My introduction to Kabubbu!

I got introduced to Kabubbu Development Project in 2006. At this time me and my grandmother stayed in Kabubbu after I heard about the opportunity from my friends I decided to pursue it.

One morning I had gone to fetch water for my grandmother and it was where I coincidentally met the director excited to see him he told me to go home to my grandmother and scheduled an interview for us.

I ran as fast as my legs could take me to deliver the good news to my grandmother whose face lit up with happiness.

Mr. Kagoda Enoch came at 4pm that day, interviewed both me and my grandmother and also told me to report for school the next day.

Joining Trust High School After two years!

And it was at this moment after a two years wait I started schooling again in trust high school as a Senior Two entrant. I studied here from 2006 upto my Senior Six in 2010

I joined Bugema University!

I later joined Bugema University in 2011 pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration and majored in accounting.

I graduated in 2014 AND NOW I AM AN ACCOUNTANT

I am now An accountant

In 2015 I was employed as an accountant at Kabubbu Development Project where I work till date. This job has helped me a lot as I can take care of my family of four children.

I help fend for my siblings in terms of school requirements and fees, lam also able to look after my grandmother.

I managed to buy a plot of land and built a home for my family and with my education certificates I managed to stand for counselor of Kabubbu A and B and was successfully elected

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